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A Health Care Advantage: Dental Care with Modern Dentistry

Dental care can be optimised with the latest methods of dental services by using modern treatments in dentistry. Both patients and dentists can benefit from this modern approach. The application of modern techniques increases the efficiency of the treatment and accelerates the recovery period. All kinds of procedures involved have a high success rate and are relatively safe.

Dentists are highly trained to provide the best dental care and dental services using modern treatments in dentistry. Whether performing the basic task of cleaning or a complicated root canal surgery, utilising modern techniques help make the procedures easier. Radiant Smiles in Bundoora offers quality dental services that’s affordable and effective. Check out their website today.


The Modern Dental Services

Dental services vary from cleaning to surgical procedures. Treatments depend on the severity of each case. Your dentist will provide the best recommendations for you using modern methods in dental care. Here is a summary of the dental services that you can take advantage of during your dental appointment:

  • Teeth Cleaning: This procedure is one of the most common reasons why people go to the dentist. It is an effective preventative method to keep your teeth and gums healthy at all times. The steps include a physical examination of your mouth, the removal of plaque and tartar, abrasive brushing, flossing, rinsing, and the application of fluoride. This modern technology can be done in a single session.


  • Teeth Repairs and Fillings: This modern restorative technique is ideal for broken or chipped teeth due to cavities and trauma. It involves applying composite materials to fill the gaps or reshaping the teeth to an ideal form. The fillings are typically created to match your teeth’ colour, but other materials like metals can also be applied.


  • Root Canal: This invasive process is the last resort to save the tooth from extraction. The process includes the administration of local anesthesia, the removal of the infected pulp or tissue, and the tooth’s sealing. The entire process is complicated and may sometimes require several dental visits. However, the efficiency is high, and the sacrifice is worthy of the result. Saving the tooth is still the best option rather than a replacement.


  • Extraction: This method is the best solution for a severely infected or damaged tooth. This compassionate dentist explains that if the tooth’s condition is beyond saving, extraction is the best way to prevent the spread of the damage that may cost you your other healthy teeth. The entire process can be performed within minutes, depending on the severity of the damage or infection. Local anesthesia is required.


  • Gum Surgery: Gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease may require surgery if left untreated. Gingivitis causes bleeding, and periodontal disease causes your gums to recede that may lead to tooth loss. It can also cause the deformity of your jaw bone. Surgery is performed to prevent the spread of the infection and provide treatment to your gums and teeth to keep them healthy.


Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry utilises advanced techniques and procedures to provide optimised dental care to patients of all ages. The dental services involved in cosmetic dentistry are mostly for aesthetic purposes. However, all the procedures can provide significant benefits as well. Below is a summary of the methods:

  • Teeth Whitening: This technique is perfect for discoloured teeth due to several factors like smoking, ageing, and eating acidic foods. The process involves cleaning and the application of bleach to restore the colour of your teeth.


  • Braces: Braces and retainers are ideal for realigning your teeth back to its natural position. Materials like metal wires and elastic bands are applied on your teeth to provide constant pressure. Not only does it improve the quality of your smile, but it also improves your bite. The entire procedure usually takes two dental appointments to complete and requires regular checkup.


  • Dental Veneers: Veneers are applied to the teeth’ surface to make them look aligned and clean. The process involves a slight removal of the enamel to make the veneer fit into your mouth. Veneers provide an impressive aesthetic effect.


  • Dental Crowns: Your dentist suggests dental crowns save a broken or damaged tooth. An artificial tooth-like cap is placed on top of the tooth to provide protection. The process involves the shaping of the damaged tooth, which requires anesthesia. Dental crowns are also ideal after a root canal procedure to prevent bacteria and food debris from getting stuck on it.


  • Dental Implants: In cases where the tooth cannot be saved by root canal and extraction is necessary; dental implants provide the best reconstructive approach. A prosthetic tooth is screwed onto your jaw to replace the damaged tooth. The process requires local anesthesia and usually lasts for several sessions. It also requires regular checkups.


Another Advantage: Dental Care Nowadays and Oral Cancer

With the help of advantage dental care, oral cancer can be prevented. Regular dental checkups will help your dentist detect and prevent any signs of oral cancer. Early detection plays a crucial role in the overall treatment. The infection can be arrested and cured immediately. As the saying goes; prevention is better than a cure. This philosophy applies deeply to the advantage of dental care and dental services.


Final Word

The biggest advantage of modern dental services is having ample knowledge of each dental condition’s treatment. Your dentist can provide the most efficient steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and they can provide the best recommendations for aftercare.