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States offering drug testing for welfare

drug testing welfare

Drug testing welfare is a topic that resonates on so many levels with the general public, politicians, and experts and keeps them very polarized over the subject as one would assume. What it precisely refers to is the fact that in 15 U.S. states a drug test is needed to be performed in order to complete an application for welfare and is being proposed in Canada and the UK.

This raises questions both ethical and technical, questions such as, “Are drug tested in humans?” There are conflicting opinions stating on one side that such an endeavor is going to demotivate existing drug and welfare users from seeking help regarding their habit. The question of money is there and is looked from two different perspectives, one side claiming that it will not leave a surplus in the budget and the other doesn’t want to condone or even encourage spending public money on this sort of behavior which is not solely a matter of finance.

drug testing welfare

Which goal has the priority when implementing this law is something over what a consensus has been made. The issue as I see it has to be deconstructed or actually discussed thoroughly before aspiring to make assumptions or conclusions of any sort. A lot of questions are to be addressed in this particular discussion for starters can a certain detected substance level immediately qualify a person as having a drug abuse problem which then makes them adequate for withdrawal treatment.

Some say that users tend to enroll voluntarily on one of the recovery programs almost explicitly when certain facts of life outweigh their desire to take drugs. Individuals with the biggest addiction problems will be affected in a harsh but many would argue ultimately life-giving way. Looking at it as just one more obstacle people will encounter on their way to drug use can also make sense because in all probability this will decrease the number of those willing to risk it.