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How Can You Tell if Dental Implant Reviews Are Real or Fake?

dental implant reviews

Undergoing a dental implant procedure requires a lot of decisions. An important factor you have to consider would be to read some dental implant reviews or testimonials from patients who have undergone the procedure. Dentists from Randwick Smiles fully agree that this strategy is highly recommended. But how can you tell if a review is authentic or fake?

Here are some tips to spot fake dental implant reviews online:

Too much use of “me” and “I”s

Dental implant reviews that frequently use “I” and “me” are most probably fake. When people lie, they try to make themselves look credible through personal pronouns. According to studies, deceivers use more verbs and those who tell the truth use more nouns.

Scene setting could also be a warning sign. Authentic implant reviews, for example, most likely use concrete words such as the dental equipment or the dental clinic. Deceivers write more about things that set the scene, like ‘vacation,’ ‘business trip’ or ‘my husband’.

Generic names or profiles without photos

Another excellent strategy to spot a fake dental review is when the account providing the review doesn’t even have a photo of the owner’s face. The name should also be assessed. Very common names such as John Smith or Jane Doe may indicate a fake review.

Look at the timing of the reviews

See if there is a regular posting interval in the total number of reviews. This can indicate a targeted campaign to add new fake reviews. But there are exceptions during these scenarios though. Be aware that product launching, Christmas or Black Friday can have several reviews as the dentist may offer promos during these times.

Look for phrase repetition

Look through various reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews. Those that use the same phrase may have been instructed to do so by the party faking the reviews.

Check the review’s grammar and spelling

Many fake dental implant reviews are outsourced to content farms, which may mean that these are either written in poor English or not in a way a real patient would express his or her opinion.

Dig deeper into the reviewer’s profile

dental implant reviews

Another type of fake review is from a so-called “professional reviewer”. This is someone who was given the dental service for free and received a special fee, to give a five star review. These may be challenging to spot but you often can if you dig deeper. Check the reviewer’s profile, and look at all of his or her reviews. If he or she is used to giving five star reviews without any negative feedback, chances are he or she is paid to do that, especially if the reviews come from one company.

Look at the middle-of-the-road reviews. It’s often helpful to sort reviews that fall in the middle of the pack such as a 3-star review. These reviews are often the most credible about both the positive and negative aspects and can be used to cross-reference other reviews to look for trends in both positive and negative feedback.

When in doubt, reach out. Reach out directly to the patient with questions about their review. Most fake reviewers will not answer back, but real reviewers often look forward to opportunities to be more helpful. The cost of the dental implants can also be a good sign, if it’s too cheap, then probably the service is not too good as well.