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Don’t Know How To Use A Dental Scaler To Remove Tartar? (Dentists Do)

Dentistry is one of the core industries that healthcare promotes a better lifestyle and overall quality of life. With several dental diseases that are imminent today, many people also seek the methods to prevent cavities, calculus, plaque, and dirt in each tooth and gums. But, many people involve in do it yourself dental care. It is vital for people with tartar to only have dental services from a dental clinic that offer their expertise. A dental hygienist can remove plaque with the help of a dental explorer or a sickle probe as it is commonly called. But if a patient wants to know how to use a dental scaler to remove tartar, it may be dangerous to do it at home. 


Tartar, Plaque, And Bacteria Build-Up

Why do kids, teens, adults, and seniors all experience toothaches and clench their gums at night? Tartar, the hardened form of plaque, is a sticky substance that occurs as a symptom of neglected dental hygiene. Moreover, tartar forms above the gum line, which may lead to gum recession and tooth decay. Tartar is hard to remove with brushing alone. So, people can be tempted to use their ways like using a scaler for removing the tartar. If you want to prevent further dental diseases like gingivitis (gum inflammation) or periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease), you may have to visit your dental clinic for a safer, cleaner, and healthier teeth. 


Why Dentists Discourage At-Home Dental Care

There are many at-home dental care trends today, ranging from DIY teeth whitening to owning a personal dental emergency kit. It can be affordable and available at any grocery stores, drug stores, or pharmacies. Yet, dentists discourage the personal use of scalers, especially if one doesn’t know how to use a dental scaler to remove tartar. Instead of looking for an excuse on how to use a dental scaler to remove tartar at home, you may want to go to a professional dentist instead. Only a licensed dentist has the education and training fit to remove the dirt and stains in a person’s teeth. Commonly, dental specialists like a hygienist have the task to remove a patient’s plaque, cavity, and calculus before going to the next procedure. 


What Can Patients Do For A Healthier Mouth?

People are not limited to using a dental scraper, probes, and other medical or surgical tools to keep calculus away. You may start using floss, the mirror, and an ultrasonic toothpick remover for your tools at home. 


Follow Your Dentist’s Instruction On Regular Oral Hygiene

Dentists often have specific instruction on how to angle your toothbrush, so cleaning the debris that remains on your mouth will be easy. Do this for a week, watching what food you eat, and you will see the intended results. 


If You’re A Smoker, Limit or Quit

How To Use A Dental Scaler To Remove Tartar

Smoking increases the production of bacteria since its ingredients stick on the surface of the teeth. Nicotine, tar, and other harmful chemicals can contribute to the plaque buildup over time. You may either limit yourself from smoking and gradually transition in quitting your smoking habits. 


Replace Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

Lastly, we recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months to avoid the bristles from damaging your soft tissues. A toothbrush must always be soft, or you may want to change to an electric toothbrush. Your dentist may also use electronic, portable instruments such an ultrasonic pick and calculus remover for cleaner teeth.