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Oral B Pro 1000 Reviews (Brush Head, Handle, Battery)

The woman is switching to an electric toothbrush.

A good toothbrush can surely make your smile attractive. If you are looking for the best one, let’s see the Oral B Pro 1000 reviews. In fact, it is one of the most popular electric toothbrushes around. Dental clinics like Sydney CBD’s own Macquarie Dental can attest to that and also help you learn the proper way to take care of your teeth using a good toothbrush. Continue reading to learn about everything you might possibly want to know about the Oral-B Pro 1000.


Main Features of Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush

  • Rechargeable battery with fair longevityOral b pro 1000 reviews
  • Proprietary Oral-B 3D cleaning system, with sweeps and pulsations
  • Very effective at removing plaque
  • Single cleaning mode
  • Pressure sensor
  • Timer with quad-pacing function

3D cleaning movement oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to remove up to 300 percent more plaque along the gum line than a manual toothbrush. The pressure sensor pauses the pulsation activity if you brush too hard. Also, the handle timer makes you brush for a recommended 2 minutes.


Oral B Pro 1000 Review

Oral-B Pro 1000 has two distinct models, and the only difference between the two is the shading. Most of the Pro 1000 electric toothbrushes available on the market are white and blue. The review will focus on the standard model. If you are going to open the box of your brand new Oral-B Pro 1000 toothbrush, this is the thing that you would see inside:

  • Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head
  • Oral-B Pro 1000 Handle
  • Battery Charger
  • Instruction Manual

You will discover a coupon giving a discount on replacement toothbrush heads. Keep this because, like other toothbrushes, you will be replacing the heads generally once every three months. You can also visit this link to check for other affordable services to improve your oral health. Although a regular dental visit is necessary, an excellent dental tool is crucial for an attractive smile.


Electric Brush Head

On top of the Pro 1000, you will discover the shaft. This can take any of Oral-b’s various toothbrush heads. From sensitive brush heads that are tender on the teeth and gums to brush heads arranged only for braces. Currently, there are two other models of this toothbrush.

  •  Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction
  • Oral-B Deep Sweep Triaction 1000

The lone contrast between these two models is the replacement toothbrush head, other than a slight change in the elastic hold tone. Every one of these Oral-B Pro 1000 models is termed after the toothbrush head that accompanies them. Other than this feature, the two toothbrush versions should be treated as something similar.



The Oral-B Pro 1000 is incredibly easy to work with. You can see the power button on the front face of the handle. This switch your electric toothbrush on or off.The woman loves to use an electric toothbrush to clean her teeth.

The whole blue-colored part of the handle is rubber-made. Regardless of whether your fingers are wet or dry, this hold is exceptionally sticky. To such an extent, a little bit of cushion would adhere to it when you dried the handle with a towel. However, the elastic grasp fills its need and permits the toothbrush to hold even the clumsiest hands.

Additionally, you will also find two small markers further down the face of the handle. One formed like a battery and the other similar to an electric plug. To put it simply, these are the indications for you to know what is going on with the electric toothbrush battery.

You will also notice a small recess on the bottom part of the handle. This is the area of the handle that lies on the charging base.

The words “Made in Germany” are printed around the charging opening. However, it is surprising that this is one of the less expensive models of Oral-B electric toothbrushes.

All the great stuff is on the front. If you look at the other side of the electric toothbrush, you will see a plain plastic back.


Charging Section

You cannot utilize your new Oral-B Pro 1000 straight out of the case. To begin with, you must charge it. The charger looks smaller than a massive piece of plastic with a handle standing out of it. This handle lines up with the hole in the lower part of the Oral-B Pro 1000 and chargers your electric toothbrush.

Most electric toothbrush options can charge wirelessly and contain a rechargeable battery. The handle does not secure the toothbrush. Instead, your toothbrush simply sits freely on top. The charging cord is about 4 feet in length which will be adequately long to extend from most electrical plugs to bathroom counters.


Battery Life

The Oral-B Pro 1000 battery is at an average level compared to other brands. In fact, it can charge for up to 7 days, which makes for a discreet 25 minutes of activity or more minor. If you are a traveler, this implies you should consider carrying your charging station along.


Testing the Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush

Most people who use Oral-B Pro 1000 rechargeable electric toothbrushes find this an enjoyable experience. Regularly on items sold in different value levels, the producer purposely eliminates vital components to get you to purchase the more costly model.

Not really with the Oral-B Pro 1000. While it might come up short on the fancier features of the higher expensive models, it is a great starting point for anybody trying to brush with an electric toothbrush.

The absence of extravagant features makes the device incredibly simple to utilize. Just click the power button, and you are away.

Most dentists agree that correct brushing requires at least two minutes. The Oral B 1000 has a built-in timer and how it functions is rather clever. Every 30 seconds, the brush will momentarily stop, alerting you that 30 seconds is finished. Meaning, each time the timer pauses to warn you, you continue on to the next quarter of your mouth. These are mainly the left half of the top teeth, the right half of the top teeth, the left half of the bottom teeth, and the bottom half.

If you want to know more about the proper way to make your brushing healthy, book an appointment with your dentist. A regular dental visit will surely secure your oral health.



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