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Breast augmentation fat transfer

breast augmentation fat transfer

Breast augmentation fat transfer is one of the most powerful cosmetic surgery technique for women who want subtle improvement. It’s a natural technique which can be used by women who require a moderate enhancement. A study and testing fat transfer for implants showed that fat transfer provides unique correlations including regional deficiencies such as constricted breasts that cannot be achieved through implants.

Whether your goal is to get back breast volume or improve the size and shape of your breasts, fat transfer is ideal. Liposuction is used first to harvest fat cells from other areas of the body before incorporating them into the existing breast tissue. The chances for the body to reject these cells are low. Liposuction of the excess fat offers body contouring benefits. 

Before going for this procedure, consider the following:

Ensure candidacy: Not everyone is a good candidate for fat transfer. Thin patients may not have enough body fat to meet their desired appearance. The right candidate would be one with a considerable amount of fat to spare.

Harvest fat cells from optimal location: The hips are the ideal location since most women store extra fat around their hips. Discuss your preferences with your surgeon if you wish to harvest fat from other areas of the body. It’s important to understand that some donor areas deliver better results than others.

Incorporate an expansion device: Expansion devices are used in the preparation of fat transfer although they do not create a beautiful augmentation result. Devices such as Noogleberry and Brava can be used to pull the breasts away from the chest wall.

breast augmentation

Your expectations should be realistic: The procedure is limited and cannot provide a large breast size. More than one fat transfer surgery may be recommended if greater fullness is required.

Choose an experienced surgeon: A skilled surgeon will ensure you get the best possible results. Look into your surgeon’s experience, credentials, and background.