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Teeth Hurting After Whitening Strips

teeth hurting after whitening strips

Whitening strips truly are a miracle, they conceal the yellow damage done to the enamel and instead show dazzling teeth! What’s most loved about whitening strips is its convenience. All you have to do is remove it from its packet and place its gel side onto your teeth. Then wait for a few minutes and upon removal, you’ll have beautiful white teeth. This is about as close as you’ll get to magic in the dental world. But the questions are – are teeth whitening strips safe to use? Do results last awhile? There are a few misconceptions regarding whitening strips. Despite what they might advertise, it doesn’t stop your teeth from yellowing any further but rather give it a short term glow. There’s also the problem of teeth hurting after whitening strips.

It is a sad fact that many people experience pain for something as simple as desiring a better smile. The pain comes in the form of a momentary teeth sensitivity, which causes symptoms such as:

-Pangs of pain when eating hot and cold foods

-Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks

teeth hurting after whitening strips

Such pain is caused by an irritated enamel. Your enamel will not react to hydrogen peroxide very kindly the first few instances. For some people, the pain pursues them each time they use whitening strips. A few home remedies include avoiding hot or cold foods for a couple of days after using whitening strips and rinsing your mouth in lukewarm water. Furthermore switching to a toothpaste specialized for sensitivity symptoms would be highly impactful.

Depending on the strip used you may experience greater sensitivity. It would be wise to test a few products on your teeth deciding what works and doesn’t. Gum discomfort may also occur. a few desperate measures that could be taken when wanting to avoid teeth hurting after whitening strips would be to use whitening less often and if pain persists discontinue use of the product. You shouldn’t have to endure pain daily just to have a more desirable set of teeth.

You can also try using teeth whitening toothpastes if you’re looking for a less painful option.