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Instant abdominoplasty: Does the tummy tuck belt really work?

does the tummy tuck belt really works

Many people who want to lose weight around their abdomen would ask “Does the tummy tuck belt really work?” This article will answer that question once and for all. Please visit this article if you would like to know more about abdominoplasty surgeries.

What is a tummy tuck belt?

A tummy tuck belt is supposed to have the same effects as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery. The people who invented it say that you can achieve the same results as with a tummy tuck surgery by only using this belt for ten minutes a day. 

How does the tummy tuck belt work?

The inventors of the tummy tuck belt claim that you can achieve a flatter belly and remove all unwanted fat in your abdominal area just by using this belt along with a special “fat-burning” cream that is said to speed up the process even more. 

Once you wear the tummy tuck belt, you only need to do around two minutes of exercises in the tummy area to activate the “fat-burning” effect of the cream and the belt. Since the belt only needs ten minutes for it to supposedly do its job, after the first two minutes of wearing the belt, the person can go about their normal activities. 

Pros and Cons of getting a tummy tuck belt

There are many pros that the tummy tuck belt claims to be able to give the people who use it. However, many have doubts about the product.

Positive side. The tummy tuck belt claims to be able to have people who use it lose a half-inch within the first week and one whole inch after a month. The inventors of the belt claim that you can have instant and visible results just by religiously wearing the belt.

Negative side. Everyone would like to lose unwanted flab, but then many have tried the belt and did not see any results. The product boasts that the results have been proven, but then the results from clinical trials have not been posted, which leaves room for doubt.

Does the tummy tuck belt really work?

Experts say that a person can’t lose all the fat and flab in the tummy area through exercise alone. Since many people claim that they had bought the belt and it had no effect on their waistline whatsoever, it is safe to say that it is not a recommended product that can aid in weight and fat loss around the abdominal area. If there would be any effects, it would be because people wearing the tummy tuck belt would opt to exercise while wearing it. Exercise and a proper diet would be the best and most logical first step to losing unwanted belly fat.

However, if you have already been exercising for quite some time and would still want to lose the excess weight and flabby skin you have on your belly, talk to your doctor or cosmetic surgeon. They will be able to recommend if a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery is a good option for you.