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Opalescence tooth whitening system and other ways to whiten teeth

opalescence tooth whitening system

Who wouldn’t want to have perfectly white teeth? There are so many ways that influence our teeth from getting discolored and stained that ways to bring back their healthy shine are getting more and more popular these days. Have you heard of the Opalescence tooth whitening system and other professional or take-home whitening products that can give us back our pearly-white smile? Are they really effective? And are tooth whitening products tested on animals? Here is some basic information about both professional and natural teeth whitening, and what Opalescence tooth whitening system and the likes can do for our smile.

Opalescence tooth whitening system and other professional whitening and bleaching options

What do professional or take-home whitening products like the Opalescence tooth whitening system have in common? Two things: one, they all contain a whitening or bleaching agent; and two, because chemicals are involved, side effects of these whitening products are also the same.

Components of a teeth whitening system

tooth whitening system

What separates the professional or in-chair whitening procedures and the take-home dental whitening trays are the preparation and instructions of use. Because in-chair professional whitening happens with the supervision of a dental practitioner, it is safe to say that the products they use are more portent and have higher bleaching effects than that of the home treatments. It is much safer to allow your dentist to monitor the progress of your treatment than to do it yourself because the development of side effects due to wrong usage of the product is very common.

Professional or DIY teeth whitening can have carbamide or hydrogen peroxides as their bleaching component. Some may also boast the presence of having fluoride and flavor additives, but the amount of bleaching chemicals in every product is what sets them apart from their competitors. For instance, the Opalescence tooth whitening system may contain about 10% to 15% more bleaching chemicals for their in-office options than their take-home or ready-to-go products. They also have potassium nitrate and fluoride that aids in the nourishment and preservation of hydration and healthy shade of the teeth. Take-home whitening products may contain lesser bleaching chemicals so as to make sure that side effects and overuse of the product may be less damaging to the teeth. Moreover, several sessions are required for at-home teeth whitening so you can achieve the correct shade that you want.

Natural teeth whitening systems

Have you ever wondered if these teeth whitening products, like medicines and cosmetic paraphernalia, are tested on animals? Some highly effective whitening or bleaching products may not only pose serious side effects in return, but it can also include animal testing during its development. If you are too concerned about animal cruelty, there are now vegan teeth whitening options that you can find and buy online that promise the same results without hurting Mother Nature.

  • Tarte Pearly Girl whitening pen
  • Smart Ash teeth whitener and detoxifier
  • Desert Essences Whitening Plus mouthwash
  • Jason Powersmile toothpaste
  • Boom! Toothy tabs by Lush

You can also use home remedies our parents are used to make for their teeth whitening procedures.

  • Oil pulling
  • Using Baking soda to brush teeth
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Consuming more fruits and vegetables with bleaching components (strawberries, pineapple, green leafy vegetables, etc.)
  • Using activated charcoal (a practice not yet proven effective)