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How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost? (Worth Of Expense)

How much does sedation dentistry cost? How much should your prepare?

How much does sedation dentistry cost? Is it expensive to the point that a patient would have difficulty handling the expense? This article will explain what can affect the cost of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows the person to achieve relaxation while the dental procedure is ongoing. The professionals at Good Choice Dental are applying sedation in the view of keeping the patient calm. This way, the process will go smoothly until the end.


What is sedation dentistry?

Dental professionals also refer to sedation dentistry as sleep dentistry. However, this term doesn’t apply entirely to the whole process. Most of the sedation takes place but still leaving the patients widely awake during the procedure. But this is not the case when they apply general anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry observes different sedation levels, which determine the condition of the patient after application. Please see the differences of each level below.

  • Minimal sedation: The patient is drug-induced but remains awake and relaxed. Additionally, they can still respond to tactile stimulation and verbal commands in a usual manner.
  • Moderate sedation: In this case, your verbal speaking may become a slur. Besides that, you might not remember much about what happened during the procedure.
  • Deep sedation: The patient is in a steady-state or at the edge of consciousness. However, doctors can still wake them up.
  • General anesthesia: The patient is entirely asleep during the procedure. They are utterly unconscious of their environment.

The sedation level depends on how much dental anxiety the patient will show. A patient’s dental anxiety can vary individually. For this reason, the dental team should be aware of it to determine the level of sedation they need to apply.


Sedation types

Various sedation types are available in dentistry. Additionally, administering sedation types should be appropriate to the patient’s needs and level of dental anxiety. Below are the different kinds of sedation that the dental team will consider.

  • A young girl with inhalation sedation during her dental treatment.Inhaled minimal sedation: This sedation involves gases that pass through the lungs towards the cardiovascular system. Dentists usually use nitrous oxide as the inhalation anesthetic. Nitrous oxide has already proven its worth in terms of safety. Anxious patients who fear needles are better with this type.
  • Oral sedation: Dentists will require the patient to take the sedative pill via an oral route an hour before the appointment. This way, the patient is already in a relaxed state upon arrival at the dental clinic. In effect, the dentist can immediately proceed with the method.
  • Intravenous sedation: This sedation involves placing intravenous in the patient’s vein to keep them calm. They also refer to it as monitored anesthesia care (MAC), wherein the dentist can monitor your vitals and adjust the dosage if necessary.
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia: The patient becomes almost unconscious for deep sedation, but dentists can still wake them up. On the other hand, as for general anesthesia, the patient will be entirely senseless. Moreover, the patient will only wake up once the effects of the anesthesia completely wear off.

In addition to these sedation types, your dentist may still add up local anesthesia if any discomfort arises. Make sure that your chosen clinic has the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth procedure.


How much does sedation dentistry cost?

Overall, sedation dentistry can become pretty expensive. However, the amount you will incur from sedation dentistry can vary. The cost can change depending on the sedation level and the frequency of dental appointments necessary.

Sedation dentistry costs vary by the amount of time. In this case, please look at the prices according to each type of sedation.

  • The price to pay when caring for your teeth will be all worth it.Inhalation sedation – the cost between $25 to $100. However, variations can occur depending on the location, amount administered, and the dentist.
  • Oral sedation – the cost for this type can range between $150 – $500 or more. The brand of medication can affect the price of this type. Even the location and dentist can also affect the amount.
  • Intravenous sedation: A full fee for IV sedation can be $500 to $1000 per hour. Besides that, an additional $150-$250 per 15minute increment after the first hour. Other factors can also cause changes in the total price.
  • General anesthesia: It can cost $300 up to $1000, depending on the dental procedure’s complexity. A dental anesthesiologist typically uses this type and more on surgical procedures only.

Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t cover sedation dentistry. On the other hand, you may ask your dental partner to submit a report to your insurance provider to see if they can cover anything.

Several factors can affect the overall costing of sedation dentistry. In this case, you can request from your dentist a cost estimation to at least have an idea about your expenses. This way, you will know how much you should prepare for it.

In general, the cost of sedation is only a part of the overall expense that you may incur in the procedure. Your budget will be a part of your preparations.


Final thoughts

How much sedation dentistry will cost will vary according to different factors. It is essential to know about these factors. This way, you will not be surprised by the final expense. Moreover, you can plan for it ahead.

You can also ask your friends, relatives, or doctor to recommend a dental office where you can have a minimal expense. However, you have to ensure that the quality of the dental procedure is not at stake.

Generally speaking, you can discuss it with your dentist to know other options you can choose without compromising your oral health. Your comfort during the procedure is necessary.