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String Breast Implants

string breast implants

Even though most people rarely talk about string as an implant option, it’s one of the procedures that stayed for the shortest time. There is a lot that goes on in the mind during breast implants more than just the shape and the size of the breast after the implant. Before deciding to undergo breast implant, you should research about breast implant materials and tips you should know and follow after the procedure to avoid any complications.

You should engage your doctor in the right way in order to understand the available options of breast enhancement and focus on the best option for your condition. The ability to have a natural looking breast after an implant with maximum safety is one of the best consideration any patient will consider. Wrong breast implants are risky because they can easily affect the general shape of the body.

Even though string breast implants was shortly used in the implant procedure, there are different reactions about its use. It’s also popularly known as the polypropylene implants and is majorly done using polypropylene which is a development by Johnson who was a specialist. Following the high level of complications that have been reported by the string breast implants, the procedure wasn’t positively received. 

string breast implants

The breast implant procedure wasn’t effective on how it functioned after the implant because it gave a chance for the breast to continue growing. This made it difficult to control the balance between the body and the breast as they continued to grow beyond proportion making it impossible to meet the expectations. The use of the implant procedure was also market with a lot of discomfort after its implemented since caused some form of irritation.

Other complications that are related to string as a breast implant option was the asymmetric breast development since in most cases the breast grew at different rates. The lifespan of the string breast implants was shortly after it was introduced in the US. Some of the largest breast sizes after an implant was experienced out of the string implant. FDA was quick to remove it from the market following a lot of complications that were attached to it.