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Body Modification Implants: The Types, Process, and Dangers of Them All

body modification implants

Years ago, tattoos were the only ones that tribes see as holy and a form of art. Now, many delve into body modification implants and other whatchamacallits just to stay unique and have a say on how they look and express themselves. But wait, these are way different from the dental implants that the team of Our Dental Care in Drummoyne usually provide their clients with missing teeth. Let us understand the different types of these extreme body modification implants, how they are achieved, and the risks that they carry with them.


Extreme Body Modification

Tongue splits, implants, body inserts, ear contouring, bead insertion, corneal tattoos, and branding are all options available at tattoo artists and piercers’ salons around the world. Some people opt for more dramatic types of body art now that simple piercings and tattoos have become more prevalent and somewhat typical. Check out this link to see what happens when breast implants go wrong.

People change their bodies for a variety of purposes, including to show their uniqueness, improve their looks, or associate themselves with a subculture. However, while body alterations are freely available in stores and parlors that local authorities regulate, there are still legal issues surrounding these treatments.




We typically see branding in bulls and other livestock to identify whose farm it came from and who the owner is. Using heated metal rods shaped in different signs and symbols, the ‘brander’ presses it to the animals behind, marking it and leaving a fresh wound that later on develops into a huge scar. Now, imagine doing it to your own body as a sign of expression.

Since this process intentionally burns your skin, you have the risk of extreme pain and serious wound infection. Body disfigurement can also surface if the scar that the branding brought about does not pass your taste.


Tongue Splitting

Snakes have split tongues, making them seem vicious, poisonous, and extremely scary. These attributes are the reasons why some goth or punk rock enthusiasts want to have them. This extreme body modification method involves the services of a trained artist for your safety. In a sterile environment and under anesthesia, he cuts your tongue, threads it apart, and closes the wound in between as he cauterizes the tongue tissues.

This is not a risk-less procedure, obviously. Even dental implants, the gold standards of restorative dentistry, have their fair share of complications. So, we urge you to go to this website or visit a reliable dentist near you so they can assess your oral cavity first to determine if you are a good candidate for this extreme procedure.


Waist Cinching

waist training body modificationHourglass body silhouette, anyone? In the fashion world, the quest for a tight waist has led to waist training, an extreme form of body alteration. People believe it’s possible to shed several centimeters at the waistline by wearing tight corsets. At its most severe, the procedure entails rib removal. Pain, indigestion, disorientation, and bad posture are the main dangers, with an abnormal silhouette as a result.


Body Piercings

Tribes in Latin America, India, Africa, and the Middle East practiced this method for thousands and thousands of years as a cultural heritage and tradition. Piercing has long been associated with monarchy and elitism in many cultures, as well as masculinity and bravery; some even think that pierced ears may fend off the evil eye.

The earliest known mummified remains were found sporting earrings, leading scholars to think that ear-piercing began around 5,000 years ago. The piercing of the nostril has been traced back to 1500 BC, according to historians. This is not the end of the narrative.

In rites of passage, Egyptian pharaohs pierced their navels, and Roman centurions pierced their nipples to demonstrate virility and masculinity. Tongues were pierced as part of religious rites in Mayan tribes. Now, think of a body part you want piercing, and a tattoo artist or piercer can do it for you. And this does not need any symbolism or reason – you can have it just for the heck of it.

The most difficult aspect of piercing the mouth, navel, and vaginal area is wound care in order to avoid infections and discomfort. There’s also the possibility of having these piercings trapped on other objects on a regular basis. Tongue piercings require a high level of hygiene to recover and, once healed, care to avoid harm to delicate front teeth. Why? Because that ball can continuously touch your teeth as you talk. If need be, check out this website for advice and guidance from a reliable dentist to make sure that your mouth piercings would not damage your smile. Also, for such piercings, pick jewelry that isn’t too big or heavy – a recommendation that pertains to all delicate body regions.


Sub-dermal implants

Whether it is subdermal implants or transdermal implants, the process of placing a foreign object underneath our human skin sounds rather unnecessary and scary, to say the least. You can use molded objects put beneath your skin as subdermal implants. They use molds constructed from silicone, metal, or Teflon. They may have little metal extensions (horn implants) for attaching jewelry. You can also have magnetic implants so you can change the extensions to your taste anytime you want.

Doctors, like plastic surgeons, perform cosmetic surgery, to put implants to the breasts, for instance. With subdermal implants, artists do them through a minor incision. Unlike breast implants that enhance your chest’s size and volume instantly, the subdermal implant becomes evident as your skin heals.

This body transformation does not come without a cost. Potential risks of such implants, whether placing horns or magnetic implants, include nerve damage, skin infections, and allergic responses. You can also have pain and suffering during and after the treatment. Scarring and deformity can also become possible side effects of the original surgery — as well as any subsequent subdermal implant removal surgeries.


Teeth filing

teeth filing body modificationSome people use teeth filing to achieve a predatory vampire-like appearance. To generate the proper fang form, the artist actually files the tooth’s enamel to sharpen it. When you grind down a tooth to make it seem like a fang, you’re also removing a protective layer of enamel.

As a result, you more likely will have discomfort, nerve damage, cavities, heightened awareness of cold. Expect to also have more dental bills as you attempt to patch the teeth later. If that is the case, click this link here to get checked by a trusted dental expert as soon as possible. Because if you cannot relieve the infection and discomfort with endodontic treatment, you can ultimately lose your teeth.

Given these potential risks, make sure that you weigh each alteration to the human body well. Choose a professional when thinking about undergoing any of these body modifications. Medical professionals trained for years and garnered experience doing their practice. So, it is safe to say that they can perform these cosmetic plastic surgery procedures as best they can.


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